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Welcome on website, where we offer you every-day time products.

The products we sell are the products we use. It’s our first criteria to chose our products. The second criteria is that we personnally benefit from them on wellness and health balance.

Weleda products are conceived and produced based on biodynamic principles stated by Rudolf Steiner at the beginning of the XXth century. They are plant based products, 100% naturals and come from a biodynamic and fair trade culture.

Revitalized or living water is a water that was transformed to make it more dynamic and life-carrying, like a spring could be. We personnaly transform our water with a vortex-revitaliser and are very happy for that.

In Other Product section, you will find many products that we use and that we can order especially for you.

Also, we invite you to read our blog that contains many articles on how to use the products we sell and other links to interesting websites.

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Revitalized water

It's simple and ecologic.

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